love coming home to a place thoughtfully designed for the way you live.
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our story

JP&CO is a Design & Residential Construction Firm that specializes in unique home design, remodel, and rebuild for clients in the Twin Cities and across the country.


“What we have now is everything we wanted in a home. It has the feeling that we “built” our house and we got to stay in the community we love.
We owe it all to our JP & Co. experience.”


Our Mission

We have set out to create homes that work effortlessly for the way you live.  WOrking from scratch with new homes allows us to create a home tailored to you and your site.  We create a vision that brings all you are hoping for in a home to life.
Samantha, our principal designer, leads all new home design work and with a degree in architecture, she takes a holistic approach to each home, creating spaces that will meet and exceed your expectations.  We want your home to be designed for your life, for life.

Our Focus

Organization, planning, and communications are the three key components to keeping projects on track with minimal suprises.  We put a major emphasis on the planning before we being progjects just about everything is thought through.  We layout communication throughout the construction phase with our teams and you so we all stay on the same page.  Designing building and remodeling is complex work and you can't commmunicate enough.



Create your dream home from the ground up.


Love coming home to a place thoughtfully designed for the way you live.


Refresh and renew your space.


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